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Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is the first post of the new blog dedicated to Seven Swords (aka 7swords) the original first-person fantasy style  MMORPG for iPod and iPhone. As the first post, it seems only right that I introduce the game here as a precursor to all the other information I hope to add as time goes on.

First, this is not the official website for the game, nor is it the official blog. The game website can be found here (Official Site) there is an English page and is useful for event announcements, etc. The whole site is top polish, as would be expected for a Japanese game publisher like Asobimo.

There is a link to the game's official blog on he site as well, but I'll save you some time: (Official Blog). I'm sure it's an awesome game-blog, but not too useful for me, since I don't get too far in the Japanese written language.

Lastly, the Seven Swords support staff has an Email address for system and server questions: (Support Page). I have Emailed them a couple of times and they reply remarkably fast. Certainly better customer service than one might expect online.

As you can see above, Seven Swords also has a You Tube Channel (in Japanese), where you can take a look at certain modes of gameplay. I might post photos from time to time, but I can't compete with the pros for quality. ^^

If you have not played this game yet, or if the whole idea that MMORPG is possible with a non-jailbroken iPod or iPhone, I highly recommend you download Seven Swords from the App Store and get started. It's awesome and free to play - so why not? Maybe I'll see you online! ^^

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